Snow Queen Auditions

Audition for our Annual Ballet of The Snow Queen!

California Contemporary Ballet
is currently auditioning professional, pre-professional talent of
children and adult dancers, gymnasts, aerialists & actors for
Snow Queen 2012.

Our 15th Anniversary Season!

The Snow Queen will be performed at Glendale Community College on
December 21, 22 & 23rd.

Auditioning children must be currently enrolled in weekly ballet classes, and must bring a recommendation from current instructor.
CCB is a separate non-profit organization than the California DanceArts School. CDA School is not responsible for casting. CCB is not obligated to cast anyone. CCB encourages dancers from al L.A. area dance schools to audition.

Friday Sept 21st @ 7pm (sign in @6pm) Auditions for Young Dancers
Young Chorus are children (boys and girls) UNDER 11years of age.
Young Chorus will perform one or more of the following roles:
Snowflakes-(no taller than 44 inches) (Children must be able to skip well to be cast in any role).
Angels- We are casting no more than 8 children in this role (no taller than 4ft, 11 inches)
New Town Kids- We are casting no more than 16 children in this role.
Old Town Folk Kids-casting a few child actor roles.
Horses- casting young dancers as white and brown horses. 4 positions.
New Town Friends-casting extras

While we attempt to cast all dancers, due to the amount of children that attend this audition, we may not accept every child. Please note our casting limits.

Saturday, September 22nd (Sign-in@12:30pm)
Open to dancers, gymnasts, aerialists and actors
1:00pm Dancer & Gymnasts auditions-Gypsy, Creature and Reflection roles.

Saturday, September 22nd @ 3:00pm (Sign-in @ 2pm)
Auditions for Older Dancers- 11+ years old
Older Chorus Dancers (boys and girls) will perform any of the following roles:
Rivers, Servants, Trees, New Town Folk, Old Town Folk, Horses, Coachman.
* Members of California Contemporary Youth Ballet will perform mulitple older chorus roles. We are looking for new members for our company and additional dancers for certain roles.

6pm- Adult Dancers and Actors- Fun roles! All adults are welcome!

Auditions for principal roles- September 8th and 15th – 12pm Class, Followed by Specific Choreography.
We are currently looking for ballet and contemporary dancers to fill Principal, Soloist and starring roles in the Snow Queen Ballet. Send photo and resumé to the below address, or fax to 501-641-7117.

ALL dancers at all auditions should bring photo, resumé, $5 audition fee, dance attire and ballet or Pointe shoes. Everyone will be auditioned in groups. Please arrive early for sign-In. Casting is at the sole discretion of the CCB auditioning panel. While we make every effort to cast everyone, there is no guarantee or obligation to cast every auditioning dancer.
CCBallet is a 501(C) non-profit organization and asks for a $5 audition contribution to defer expenses associated with the audition process. CCB and CCYB members are exempt from audition fees. No participation fees. Costumes are provided with small cleaning fee.

CCB provides this performance solely through the charitable support of individual community members and organizations, and by proceeds from ticket sales.

Rehearsals for the Snow Queen are generally held on weekends. Some additional Older Chorus Roles are rehearsed on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Featured, Solo and Principal roles are generally held on Thursday evenings and weekends. Detailed rehearsal schedule provided once cast.

Questions about our auditions can be directed through email at Notification of casting decisions cannot be done prior to the official announcement made at the California DanceArts studio. One week following auditions, please check our wall at CDA for casting. We may be unable to answer specific questions about rehearsals prior to issuing the rehearsal schedule.

For ticket information please visit our ticket booth or click here for additional ticket information

Auditions held at:
California DanceArts
4490 Cornishon Ave.
La Canada, CA 91011