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You can help bring the art of dance to our
communities by becoming a partner with CCBallet

Imagine, if you can, a world without dance! By infusing our community with high quality dance productions and encouraging the abilities of our artists, California Contemporary Ballet is preserving and enhancing the many benefits of this great art form.

Most assuredly, a world without dance, without CCBallet, would be a world without opportunities for expression, beauty, tradition, personal and civic achievement and development and a world without the fulfillment of dreams.

You can help bring the art of dance to our communities by becoming a partner with CCBallet

Founded in and dedicated to the art of classical and contemporary dance, the mission of California Contemporary Ballet, is to educate and provide inspired theatrical experiences for our dancers, community and Southern California. We seek to nurture, encourage and develop our artists and audiences in the creativity, imagination and joy of dance.

California Contemporary Ballet, commonly known as CCBallet, is a non-profit organization, and in such capacity, the company is almost completely reliant on patron, community and corporate support to stage our dance productions throughout the year. It is CCBallet’s desire to continue offering highly professional, yet cost-effective dance productions to the community, while, at the same time, providing performing opportunities for the dancers of the company and community. Please give our company the opportunity to grow, enabling us to continue our endeavors of providing cultural inspiration to the community, as a whole, by making a generous, tax-deductible donation to California Contemporary Ballet.

Sponsor a Dancer:

By delivering high quality performances, CCBallet artists are educating, inspiring and enhancing the joy of dance in our community. However, it literally takes hundreds of creative hours to invent new choreographic works or to keep our current repertory well rehearsed. The many years of education and training that is required to achieve a high standard for employment is usually sufficient for most trades, however, a ballet dancer is required to continue the brutal and physical demands with never-ending physical conditioning to prepare their bodies for long rehearsals and performances. It is a sacrifice that our talented dancers make due to their own passion toward this powerful art form. However, our artists require monetary remuneration to enhance and sustain the quality of our offerings.

Your donation to sponsor our artists will allow CCBallet to employ dancers who can then live, work and continue to serve in the dignity they deserve while easing their sacrifice in such a demanding role. By sponsoring our dancers, you are enabling CCBallet to increase our efforts of education and inspiration. Your donation will allow us more time with our artists and enable us to increase the amount of quality performances we can deliver. With your assistance CCBallet will be able to continue to compensate our artists and you will be making a great investment in your community and toward the cultural enhancement of society.

Please consider encouraging and supporting the accomplished artists of California Contemporary Ballet today by becoming a sponsor.

Capital Improvement Campaign:

Over the years, the Company has successfully staged productions for the surrounding communities within the California DanceArts academy studio theatre, pursuant to a verbal sublease arrangement. To produce each of these shows, the Company must continue to, purchase costumes, as needed, and must also secure rented backdrops, lights and seating for audience viewing. While these items and their associated costs are vital in order to produce a professional-quality production, the rental costs are often cost-prohibitive. In an effort to avoid these repeated expenditures, the Company is seeking financial support to complete the creation of a self-contained theater within the California DanceArts academy studio theatre by purchasing and installing the following items:

• Theater lights, light board and cabling
• Upgraded sound system with public address capabilities

Annual “Snow Queen” Campaign:

“The Snow Queen” is a delightful winter production starring our career members of California Contemporary Ballet (CCB), accompanied by the California Contemporary Youth Ballet (CCYB) and select dancers from the community, resulting in a cast of 60-70 dancers. Adapted for ballet from the classic children’s story written by Hans Christian Andersen, “The Snow Queen” is a beautiful story demonstrating that friendship, hope, integrity, persistence toward one’s goals and determination can enable anyone to overcome life’s obstacles. Each year, proceeds from ticket sales help to defray, but certainly do not completely cover, the multitude of expenses associated with this production, including, but not limited to, (i) the acquisition of new costumes or the refurbishment of costumes maintained in the Company’s existing wardrobe, (ii) the production of promotional and advertising materials, (iii) the construction of sets and refurbishment of existing scenery and props maintained by the Company, (iv) the salary of a hired professional lighting and technical director and (v) the salaries of the principal dancers.

Scholarship Program:

California Contemporary Ballet is interested in offering dance training and performance opportunities to artists who do not have the financial means to take advantage of such training or performance opportunities. All too often, we find that there are many disadvantaged yet talented young artists who are not given the chance to explore the beauty of dance. Your support could provide a young pre-professional or a career dancer with enhanced training and professional opportunities by funding their year round study or their tuition to a summer intensive program with a national ballet company. The scholarship program offered by CCBallet provides students with valuable work-study experience and awarded to the most deserving.

Make a donation today:

With your donation you are enabling CCBallet to increase our efforts of education and inspiration. Please allow us to increase the amount of performances we deliver and enhance the quality of our offerings by becoming a member of our Patron Circle. Your donation is a great investment in your community and toward the cultural enhancement of society.

By becoming part of our Patron Circle, you will be rewarded with many benefits which may include: Parton seating to CCB performances, An honorary plaque of gratitude with your engraved name or business name for display, your name or business displayed in programs and or press releases, Backstage passes, invitation to special receptions and events where you may meet other sponsors such as yourself and greet our artists. There are too many benefits to list. We also accept private or silent donation.

To make a tax-deductible donation in support of our Artists, Productions or of the CCBallet Scholarship Program, please use this link to make a donation.

or send in your donation to California Contemporary Ballet,
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