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California Contemporary Youth Ballet
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Formally operating under the name, California Theatrical Youth Ballet, the company had to change its name when the formation of a professional company, California Contemporary Ballet (CCBallet) was established in February 2008. In an effort to encourage young dancers in their pursuits toward a career in dance, CCBallet continues to establish a youth division within its organization.  Founded by Aerin Holt, who continues to serve as Artistic Director and choreographer, the youth company dancers benefit from the direction of Lynn Pittenger and guest directors and choreographers. The youth company provides is members with challenging original choreography as well as traditional classic works to aid in their education and advancement of their skills. California Contemporary Youth Ballet (CCYBallet) provides an artistic training ground for young dancers with choreography for community-based performances and concerts. Partnered with California DanceArts, young CCYBallet dancers attend the Career Preparatory Training Program. This program is designed to fulfill the artistic needs of serious dance students who seek opportunities that will eventually permit them to make the transition from a pre-professional to a professional dancer career. This program, combined with the performance opportunities, rehearsals and experience that is provided by CCYBallet, closely replicates a professional dance company experience.

CCYBallet members perform in many community based events and annually in their own concert held during the Spring season, often performed in the “Dance Street Theater” located within the studios of California DanceArts.  Community performances by CCYBallet include the premiere of Katie Cassidy’s first record single in Studio City, Concerts at the Miles Memorial Playhouse in Santa Monica, Festivals at El Portal Theater in North Hollywood and special invitation from Glendale Center Theater as well as community out-reach programs and performances for service organizations.  Members of the youth company are invited to participate in the company’s productions alongside CCBallet career company members in the annual Snow Queen Ballet performed each Winter. The Snow Queen Ballet is performed each December at the theater of Glendale Community College. Whether performing on a grand stage or in their own intimate studio theatre, the entire company delivers a passionate, moving experience to their audiences.

Many dancers from our youth company are often placed within University dance departments or have pursued careers in dance and ballet companies. Many of our youth company members are eventually awarded positions as apprentices and eventual members within the ranks of the professional company, California Contemporary Ballet (CCBallet).  Many current members of CCBallet began their careers through our youth company.  Auditions for the company and invitations to participate occur through-out the year.