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Please read what our audiences say after seeing our dance productions and ballets.
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 We received this audience review after seeing California Contemporary Ballet’s performance of “Saudade” June 11, 2011

Saudade (Sow-da-jee)
by Ray Peck

From the moment the lights came up
I knew this was something special

They stood under a red umbrella
Gray splashed with soft blue
A frozen scene
Of beauty
and emotion
Ready to be born

Then Unfolding
Like petaled leaves after a spring rain
The dance begins,
A lyrical motion that never pauses

It was a song
Of Motion and Grace
Rising, falling, loud and soft
Wordless voices stir the heart
Touching deep
Their bodies painting melting watercolors
of aesthetic change.

Flowing from one form to another
A river of unending
Patterns of change

If two steps were taken
You knew the third would be a surprise
To leave you breathless
Morphing to something new
Always changing
Always surprising
Always touched with beauty

Mountain cascades do not flow
Like this dance.

Roiling floating fortresses
Of thunderstorms
Do not have the
Ever-changing poetry
Of this dance

They even danced in the air,
Ribbons suspending
Impossible dreams.

They touched us
As they danced in the rain.

The following unsolicited reviews came in after performances of “The Snow Queen” by  California Contemporary Ballet

The Finest
“Your production of the Snow Queen was the finest work I have seen in many a millenium. I truly enjoyed it, and look forward to more.”

George Randall-Hollywood Actor & Acting Coach

 Enjoyed it so Much
“Thank You for getting us tickets to the Snow Queen. The girls all enjoyed it so much, they want to take ballet classes immediately! My daugther-in-law and I were so impressed with the quality of the production, the costumes, orchestra, dancing… it was truly a professional production and I would certainly rank it up there with the Nutcracker production we saw last year with the Pasadena Symphony! (at a fraction of the price for tickets). Thank You again and please remind me next year when CCBallet does the show again.” S.F.

The Snow Queen ballet was enthralling!
“The Snow Queen ballet was enthralling! It was delicious, technically spellbinding, a holiday miracle of beauty for the senses and the soul! I’ve attended each and every year’s ballet, but this year topped them all! What was already perfect was retained but the improvements were truly icing on the cake. The music is gorgeous, the dancing took my breath away. 
Christmas doesn’t start until we see The Snow Queen! ” C.W.

The Best Performance
“This year’s Snow Queen was without question the best performance I have seen of this genre in 40 years. The ballet was very professional. It was simply wonderful.” P.G.

“It was great!!!!!!!!! Two Thumbs Up
Even my 9 year old son who took his Game-boy,
by the second half, he was sitting on the
edge of his seat, the Game-boy put away. ” M.D.

I Love The Snow Queen!
“Its been almost a week since I saw The Snow Queen. I’ve thought of it everyday. I’m still amazed at the level of professional performance for the ages of the dancers. The music is miraculous and completely bestows the essence of The Snow Queen. Experience combined with youth to create an emotional, uplifting and thrilling exhibition.

I Love The Snow Queen! ” J.H.

Best Endorsement
“With nine guests under the age of 10, I expected squirming and the regulation number of trips to the bathroom, but 9 little butts stayed glued to their chairs and 18 little eyes never left the stage. What better endorsement could there be? ” C.G.

Rivals the Best
“I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoyed the show. The professionalism of the company is awesome. No one holds back, from the tiniest Snowflake to the most mature Snow Queen. I loved the character Gerda’s performance. She was totally alive, like a light throughout…not one dull spot, always creating the essence of the character, always glowing. The Prince and Princess set a standard of excellence in classical technique that rivals the best of companies in the world. ” A.P.

Great Work!!!!
“I must say I was completely “taken” with the entire production. The music was very exciting and the cast of performers were exceptional. I’m looking forward to next year’s production and hope The Snow Queen can be shared with many people all over the country…..Great work!!!!” C.M.

No Comparison!
“The choreographer’s ability to create drama in dance is a notch above any choreography for students that I have ever seen. Indeed! There can be no comparison! This is no “Student Production”. This is totally professional” AP

Very Impressed –March 9, 2000
I was very impressed by the quality of performance in this production. There was a professionalism about every dancer, from the leads to the tiniest member of the corps. Everyone also seemed to thoroughly enjoy their work. At times the aesthetic force of the dancing was breathtaking, while at other times I found myself laughing, clapping and wanting to jump to my feet, all at the same time. The choreography by Ms. Holt was beautiful. It told a somewhat involved story in a clear and understandable manner. And, importantly, every person on the stage had something to do with communicating that story. It was a large cast, but there were no wasted bodies or unneccessary motion. Holt is fortunate to have so many accomplished dancers in her company, she was able to cast the show in a way that made me feel the choreography was brought to the dancers rather than the dancers came to the choreography. If this what Ms. Holt is capable of in a community theatre setting, I am excited about the prospect of her and Mr. Tobin taking this production to a bigger venue. I can see this show at one of the Nederlander theatres in L.A. of Hollywood or New York. This is definately on my annual holiday schedule now. Put it on yours. You will be happy you did.
Will Long- Producer/Actor/Educator

A New Tradition!
I wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed The Snow Queen ’99. I wouldn’t have believed it, but the changes made and the additional music made it even more enjoyable this year. Although my husband and I aren’t typical ‘ballet attendees’, we loved it so much last year, that we brought friends this year who also plan on making The Snow Queen an annual family tradition. It’s a fresh interpretation and presentation that is already a classic and will be enjoyed long into the new millenium for years to come! The marriage of music and choreography in this production deserves national exposure to a wide-range of audiences–not just your typical lover of ballet. Best of luck to you attaining that goal! S.H.

This review arrived after a performance by our Youth Company

It was Wonderful!
I would like to acknowledge the most recent show “Voices of the Future,” performed by the youth company. It was WONDERFUL! Very aesthetic, very uplifting. What a JOY it created for the audience!Just goes to prove what teenagers can TRULY create-given an encouraging, supportive environment. Your company and their products and create are truly inspiring. It was a very aesthetic evening. All the audience that I spoke with were as thrilled as I was.

Diane Leriche-Los Angeles