Dance Street Theater

Members of CCB performing for VIP's at Dance Street Theater

Members of CCB performing for VIP’s at Dance Street Theater

Welcome to our Theater

The dancers of California Contemporary Ballet are often seen “Up Close and Personal” in their own intimate Dance Street Theater.

Let us explain why we love our theater- Breif History:
The name of our theater was chosen by our Artistic Director, Aerin Holt, in honor of the young dancers who comprised her very first youth company in 1991-1997. They were young, but they were enthusiastic and unafraid. They called themselves, The Dance Street Performers. The name was coined due to the many choreographies and mini ballet’s that the youth performed on the streets of Santa Monica, California, at the 3rd Street Promenade. The ballets included mini versions of  “Where the Wild Things Are”,  “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Nightmare Before Christmas”.  The troupe raised funds with their performances as generous passers-by would stop, enjoy the shows (complete with costumes, props and sets) and then contribute a few bucks. Several shows a day to several hundred people and the funds added up! It was a fun, exciting time for the young dancers who helped their company (Now called California Contemporary Ballet) create their first full-scale original ballet called, “The Snow Queen“. The ballet has since been featured in a large professional theater venue and became the company’s signature ballet for 17 years! That young, bold and unafraid youthfulness and the spirit of community and contribution is the essence of the Dance Street Theater.

The Dance Street Theater- Now
Today the theater has proven to be an experimental lab for the California Contemporary Ballet’s new innovations and projects that is presented to exclusive audiences, VIP’s, patrons of the arts, sponsors, community leaders and general public who often see works in progress and projects that sometimes evolve into full- scale productions and may eventually be seen in large theater venues.

The Dance Street Theater is located in the large studio A at California DanceArts, which is often turned into a theatre for the company’s intimate performances utilizing drop-down backdrops, state of the art stereo equipment, theater lighting and seating for up to 70 audience members. The theater accommodates a piano and microphone for singers and musical instruments. Visiting the Dance Street Theater is a special experience where, as a member of the audience, you may literally feel part of the performer’s space. You may behold and experience what cannot be seen in larger venue, such as the breathing of the dancers, the sweat on their brow, facial expressions and the dancers own emotional experience. You may see set changes and backstage “workings”, as if you have become part of the production itself.

The Dance Street Theater accommodates guest dance companies, musical groups and community groups. Please inquire about our venue for your upcoming performances and new works.

Dance Street Theater
is located at California DanceArts
4490 Cornishon Ave, La Canada, Ca. 91011