The Legend of Jack Frost

The Chilling Soul of the Winter Winds…

 Aerin Holt
 In Association with
 California Contemporary Ballet
 Brings to you, a NEW original ballet

 The Legend of Jack Frost

 A colaboration between

 and Choreographer, AERIN HOLT
 with a well researched and imaginative storyline inspired from ancient folklore.
 Created as a prequel to CCB’s successful 16 year running ballet of the

Great for the entire family, The Legend of Jack Frost, delivers a Winter Solstice celebration complete with tiny Snowflakes  performed by children and pre-professional youth supporting a principal cast of  professional career dancers.  Join the company of California Contemorary Ballet as they portray spectacular mythical creatures such as, Fairies, Snow Princesses, The Snow Maiden, The Green Man and his Lady, an amazing aerial Phoenix and even a Dragon! Enjoy special guest starring appearances from her majesty, The Snow Queen.

Meet Jack Frost, the spirit of ice, snow, sleet and frosty weather. Famous for “nipping at your nose” and leaving delicate patterns on the cold windows in winter.  Find out if Jack Frost, the mischief maker, can become worthy of true love and learn that happiness begins by giving to others.

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